How To Stream Super Bowl 50 This Sunday

So you decided to finally ditch your cable package this year. Great! But now the Super Bowl is rolling around and you’re wondering how you’re going to watch Cam Newton dab all afternoon?

Luckily, we’ve put together a guide of all the ways you can stream the big game.

CBS, the network that is broadcasting Super Bowl 50 this year, is streaming the game for free across a bevy of set-top devices. Viewers can download either the CBS Sports App or NFL App on an Apple TV, Xbox One, Fire TV, Roku, or Chromecast and stream the game for free, even if you don’t have a cable subscription. Sweet!

Interestingly, ESPN will also be airing the game, but only in Spanish, and only on its ESPN Deportes channel.

If you decide to watch from your laptop, you can also head to to stream the game.

Now it gets a little trickier if you want to watch from a mobile device. Verizon has bought exclusive mobile rights to the big game, and will be limiting the game to only phones on a Verizon service plan. So if you’re lucky enough to have big red as your service provider you can stream the game via the Verizon Go90 App* or the NFL Mobile app on your phone.

But what about if you’re outside of the U.S? The game will still be available internationally, but only on the NFL Game Pass video service, which costs $99 a year.

And most importantly, don’t worry about missing any ads, because CBS has confirmed that for the first time they will be including advertisements in all of their streams. giphy

*Disclosure: Verizon owns AOL, which owns TechCrunch