INNOVATE2016: Darrell Issa On What Washington DC Can Learn From Silicon Valley?

DC needs to learn about disruption from Silicon Valley.

According to nine-term San Diego Congressman, Darrell Issa, the 21st century has started everywhere…. except Washington DC.

And the 2016 election is a critical one for jumpstarting the new century – especially if the country elects what Issa calls a “new” candidate like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz.

In contrast, “old” candidates like Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, Issa insists, are located in the past rather than the future and will push America backwards rather than forwards.

Issa’s take on Trump is particularly interesting. Success in the real estate business, according to Issa, isn’t an impressive 21st century accomplishment and thus shouldn’t be considered as evidence that Trump is either ready or suited to be President.

Issa is also very controversial on the impact of AI on jobs. It’s “good” for technology to “kill” jobs, the former electronics entrepreneur says. Because this will result in better jobs being created in the future.

As always, many thanks to Lincoln Initiative and CALinnovates for their help in the production of this interview.