This Semi-Automatic Gun Is “95 Percent” 3D Printed

Another day, another 3D-printed gun. This one comes to us from a carpenter from West Virginia who calls himself Derwood. His gun is “95 percent” 3D printed which means the important bits – springs, firing pins, etc. – are handmade or repurposed (the barrel comes from a Glock) while the stock, magazine, and upper and lower receivers are printed on a Fusion F306 3D printer using PLA material. It is called the Shuty-MP1.

To be completely clear, this is still not a fully 3D-printed gun. What Derwood did, while technically very impressive and well-designed, is build most of a gun with a 3D printer. But he, like so many others, is forced to use off-the-shelf parts for the most important bits. It’s akin to building an entire car “from scratch” save for the engine, seats, tires, and frame.

He built a simpler version of the gun last year and aims to manufacture this next version out of nylon to reduce the chance of this thing exploding. As it stands it’s an amazing effort and looks great but without the various pre-made parts it’s still not a truly 3D-printed gun. It is, however, completely unregistered in its current form. Derwood, for his part, doesn’t want to raise hackles.

“Some people like to build things for themselves. It’s an off-the-grid type of attitude,” Derwood told Wired.


An earlier version of this post’s headline incorrectly referred to Derwood’s creation as a “machine gun”