AdStage Looks Beyond Advertising

AdStage launched a new product called Automate today — it’s supposed to bring more automation to AdStage advertisers, but CEO Sahil Jain said it also signals the company’s ambitions to become a broader marketing platform.

As the name suggests, Automate allows advertisers to create rules that automatically adjust their ad campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Those rules can address things like when an ad gets served, how to adapt campaign spending based on performance and when to alert the advertiser.

AdStage has actually offered an Automated Rules app for a while now, but the company says it was completely rebuilt using the AdStage API. The goal is to launch new products and plug the API into third-party marketing tools in areas like sales and content marketing. In other words, Jain wants AdStage to become the product where you manage all your marketing, even when it has nothing to do with ads.

“Our big vision isn’t just to own ad management,” Jain said. “Our vision is to own the meta platform across those four platforms … ads, content marketing, marketing automation and sales automation.”

The company has also launched a “digital marketing academy,” aimed at helping marketers get an up-to-date education on current tools and strategy.