MicSwap Turns Your iPhone Into Rock And Roll

If it’s been a long time since you’ve rock and rolled and it’s been a long lonely time since you did the stroll, it might be time to model some old-fashioned microphones on your iOS device. An app, MicSwap, makes it easy to do just that.

Two musicians, Gary Levitt and Rob Behnke, created the app to offer microphone modeling for mobile devices. It can mimic famous mics – a ribbon Mic for Led Zep fans, a more NPR-style for podcasters – and can even model environments so it sounds like you’re in a studio or a cozy booth. While you’ll never get absolute quality out of a small iPhone mic, you can get darn close.

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The app lets you try microphones on the fly and there are two versions – free, with a few mics, and a Pro version with about nine microphones to try. It’s a good tool for musicians or podcasters who want to record and edit audio right on their iPad or iPhone.

While these apps are often more fun than useful, I was actually impressed with MicSwap when I saw it working live. Modeling microphones is a big deal for some people – you want to get just the right sound – and using this lets you become a one-(wo)man recording studio. While the pro version is a bit expensive at $20 it’s well worth a quick look if you are looking for something to carry you back, carry you back
carry you back, baby, where you come from.