Screw Those $300 Standing Desks. This Cardboard One Is $25

Is sitting at a computer all day making you fat, but standing desks are too expensive? The Hootsuite CEO’s nifty new side project could save your spine and slim your belly. Oristand is a $25 standing desk made of cardboard. Just unfold the contraption, stick it atop your normal desk, and you can work without hunching.

Some employees at Hootsuite were already bolting little IKEA shelves and end tables together to build cheap standing desks. Their CEO Ryan Holmes decided to team up with designers Steve Suchy and Nathan Martell to make one that works right out of the…err…it’s a box.


The two-pound Oristand is strong enough to hold laptops, and wide enough to work with a mouse and compact keyboard. You’re not going to want to bang into it or spill coffee on it, but the environmentally friendly cardboard should survive a while. Do your back a favor without draining your wallet.