C-Way Is An Apple Watch For Kids

While wandering the Eureka Park floor at CES, we ran into C-Way, a cool French startup that is making GPS-enabled smart watches for kids.

So what exactly does a smart watch for kids do?

Well first off, it helps parents keep track of their kid’s location. By embedding a GPS sensor in the device, parents can open C-Way’s app and see where your child is at all times, thanks to a built-in, 5€ per month EDGE data connection.

C-Way also acts as a scheduler for your child. Parents can input their kid’s schedule into the app, and the device will send alerts to the child, as well as let parents know if the child’s current location matches up to where their schedule says they should be.

The watch also lets parents send one-way “text messages” to the kid’s watch, using the built-in data connection.

The device has a 48-hour rechargeable battery, and has different attachments that can be used depending on how old your child is. Older kids can use a version with a small LCD screen, which younger children may prefer the version that swaps a screen for a wearable lego platform where they can attach their favorite Lego figurine.

The company is also producing a smart alarm clock called Bubble, which is designed to sit in a child’s room and includes similar features like scheduling, 1-way voice chat, and even the ability to monitor air quality.

C-Way and Bubble are available for preorder now, and cost $149 and $139, respectively.

CES 2016