This 3D-Printed Star Destroyer Is Two Feet Long

The Star Destroyer, one of the largest ships in the Star Wars universe, has been recreated in excruciating detail in the form of a two-foot long 3D-printed ship consisting of thousands of small parts. It was, as the creator suggested, a big job.

You can check out a set of images here but, sadly, there aren’t plans just yet. Using a PowerSpec 3D Pro printer and three rolls of filament he printed a number of individual pieces and then hot glued them together.

It should be noted that this Destroyer isn’t based on anything from the real Star Wars canon mostly because Disney would probably get nice and lawsuity if the creator ever released the model files. However, it does suggest that with enough time and effort we, too, can be like Luke Skylazer and use the Force to live long and prosper. May Yoda be forever in your favor.