Watch Two Guys Stick A GoPro Into A Homemade Pneumatic Cannon And Shoot It Really High

There are few things as exciting as shooting things into the air using a 3D-printed cannon. That’s why this video is so important – and so educational. The two lads who made it, David and Ryan, have created a sort of cannonball for their GoPro and then have been shooting it up, up, up until it tumbles, whistling back to the ground.

But this is pretty dumb, you say. It’s just two dudes shooting stuff into the air. Well, you’re mostly right. The dudes have actually created a channel called Eclectically Engineering and, in addition to sending GoPros into the air they’ve also published the plans for each of their projects, allowing you to make your own GoPro sabot that allows you to fire cameras into the air just like them. By offering an interesting DIY project they’ve turned a “stupid dude trick” into a “cool thing you can try at home.”

While I doubt I’ll ever get around to shooting air cannons in Brooklyn, if you have an open field, a bit of time, and a 3D printer it may be worth building yourself some fun GoPro shooting systems. It just makes sense.

via 3DPrint