Buy A Car On Your Phone With The New Beepi App

Thanks to the folks at Beepi, you can now buy a car using nothing more than the iPhone in your hand (well, that and the money in your bank account).

Using the new Beepi iOS app (yeah it’s only for Apple now) launching today, people can comparison shop for their favorite car and buy that car while on the go.

Because, sometimes, when out and about, who doesn’t get the urge to pick up a car?

The app even allows people to select the color of the bows to be placed on cars at delivery, according to the press release. The standard 10-day money-back guarantee from Beepi also applies.

“With this app, for the first time people can buy cars from absolutely anywhere and in only five minutes,” says Beepi chief executive Ale Resnik in a statement. “Now all you need to buy a car is a mobile phone. This is a game changer.”

Game changer indeed, since buyers have the option to buy their cars with credit cards, or Apple Pay. It could conceivably make Beepi’s buyers’ buys the biggest-ticket items bought through Apple’s payment app.

The company’s standard 3,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warrantee comes with every purchase, but car-buyers can pick up additional insurance through the app. Notifications in app let users know when their favorite car models are listed on the marketplace.

Before anyone gets too circumspect about the quality of the cars sold on Beepi’s certified pre-owned marketplace, the company has a 240 point inspection it conducts on every car. For sellers, the company offers a deal that it will sell a certified car within 30 days or the company will buy the car itself.

Last October, the company raised a whopping $60 million to expand nationally from investors including Foundation Capital and Sherpa Ventures, which joined existing investors Redpoint Ventures, SherpaFoundry CEO Tina Sharkey, OLX founder Fabrice Grinda, IG Expansion co-founder Jose Marin, Homeaway co-founder Brian Sharples, former Loopnet CEO Rich Boyle, and Silicon Valley Bank.