Qwertycards Is A Wallet-Sized Card That Generates Secure Passwords

Do you still use one generic password to login across multiple websites? Even though it’s a pretty awful habit, you’re probably not alone.

Most of of us now have hundreds of accounts for different sites across the internet. That means unless you use a password manager, its practically impossible to remember a unique password for each site.

Here’s another solution for you: London-based Qwertycards is a plastic, wallet-sized card that helps you generate and remember strong and unique passwords.

This is how it works:

Each printed card is one-of-a-kind, containing a unique “base code” as well as a printed QWERTY keyboard where each letter on the keyboard is assigned to a unique character.


To generate a new password, users first type the unique base code at the bottom of the card, followed by a secret word chosen by the user, and finally the code characters for each letter of the website name.

So for example, using the keyboard above to generate a login for Amazon, the secure password would be: sh(/J3Hq******.u.rqf, with ***** representing your secret word.

The magic in this is that each printed card is a true one-off, meaning that no other Qwertycard will have your same combination of letters and characters. The company does, however, include one copy with your order, in case your ever lose your original card.

One card runs $4.99 (with free shipping), just a fraction of the cost of software-based solutions like 1password, and a trivial price to pay in return for the peace of mind that comes with having truly unique passwords.