Say Kids Will Help Parents Dress Their Young Children, With A Membership Model And No Markups

Say Kids is a new online service aimed at millennial parents, offering a membership model for buying young children’s clothing.

The company was founded by husband-and-wife team Carl Ng and Jennifer Hong. The basic model is to charge a $5 monthly fee, which gives parents access to products designed by Say Kids — the price tag should only cover the cost of producing and shipping the clothing, with no extra charges.

Ng said Say Kids also differs from other online retailers because it avoids what he sees as “the biggest problem with e-commerce,” namely returns and exchanges. He argued that the company doesn’t  need to offer returns since kids are always growing. So even if the clothes don’t fit perfectly now, they could in a few months.

As for the clothes themselves, Say Kids says they’re designed for children five-years-old and younger, they will follow “a modern aesthetic,” with bodysuits, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, dresses and more made primarily from organic Australian cotton.

“If I really had to relate the style to something, it would be Everlane,” Ng added. His team also plans to collaborate with artists on exclusive designs, and he said  the clothing will usually be “very androgynous” — so girls won’t get stuck with stereotypical pink clothes.

Say Kids plans to launch early in 2016, but it’s accepting sign-ups now. There are also plans to expand to other types of clothing under the Say brand.

The service is part of Stripes39, which started out as a Christian T-shirt company before finding success with organic, fair trade denim under the name Sling & Stones. Stripes39 now an incubator for a number of online brands, including Education Labs.