3DR Collaborates With AirMap Because Flying A Drone Can Be Hazardous

Flying a drone can be tough. Where are you allowed to fly? Is there an airport within 5 miles? What about a hospital or U.S. national park that has restricted airspace? AirMap is one of the best services to determine a safe flying zone and its data will now be built into the 3DR Solo app.

This functionality will first hit 3DR’s consumer-grade Solo drone. When using the app, pilots will see a yellow or overlay if they’re attempting to fly within a restricted zone. Additional information about the restriction is also available.

3DR rival DJI built similar functionality into previous versions of their app, but the difference is that with AirMap, the user has more information available. DJI’s implementation seems tacked on as an after-thought.

“Drones are a powerful, important and increasingly popular technology, and we want to make it easy for people to fly them safely,” said Ben Marcus, co-founder and CEO of AirMap, in a released statement. “We collaborate with industry leaders like 3DR to give drone users the information they need to make decisions about where to fly.”

AirMap was founded in December 2014 by Ben Marcus and Gregory McNeal and raised $2.6 million in seed funding. The service provides information to commercial and hobbyist drone pilots. While the FAA is dragging its feet on regulation, AirMap is doing its best to provide the best information available to drone pilots in a bid to making flying as safe as possible.