You Can Now Test Firefox OS On Android Without Hacking Your Phone


Let’s say you want to give Firefox OS — the mobile operating system made by the same people who make the browser — a try.

Until now, that’s meant one of two things: buying one of a small handful of early Firefox OS devices or hacking your existing Android device to pieces to try to get it running.

That’s starting to change today. Mozilla is releasing a “preview” build that runs within Android to give you a taste without any real commitment required.

The catch? They are shoehorning an OS on top of another OS, so the two might interact strangely sometimes — particularly at this early stage. For example, Mozilla says Android’s back button can cause some weird bugs at times.

But fret not: if it’s too buggy or you’re just not feelin’ it, just remove Firefox OS as you would any other launcher, and you’re back to square one.

Ready to check it out? Head over to this Mozilla blog post and click the “visit Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview” link to grab the APK.