HTC Encourages You To “Be Different” While Not Being Different


HTC has released a new commercial whose primary message is Be Different. While this would be fine in general, I suspect many of us will notice a distinct similarity between this commercial and a number of other commercials, including one filmed three decades ago, in which a troublemaker tears down the status quo in order to sell consumer electronics.

This idea, obviously, doesn’t belong to Apple. But the HTC One A9 already looks like a clone of the iPhone and the marketing, aimed at insulting all the sheeple in coffee shops around the world who prefer iOS to Android, is derivative as well. If you can’t beat them duplicate them?

So here’s what I propose: the following is a better version of Apple’s Here’s To The Crazy Ones ad copy. Feel free to borrow liberally from it and just thank me with a beer when we meet next, handset manufacturers. It seems like a logical next step.

Here’s to the wacky ones. The ones who don’t fit. The people who don’t follow rules. The vagabonds. The folks who stand out. The ones who view the world through a different lens. They’re not fond of people telling them what to do. And they have no respect for normal people. You can talk about them them, argue with them, make them glorious or villains. About the only thing you can’t do is not stare at them. Because they modify things. They push humanity forward. And while some may see them as the wacky ones, we see smartness. Because the people who are wacky enough to think they can change things, are the ones who will do it.

via 9to5mac