This Guy Turned The Front Of His House Into A Massive Video Game For Halloween

Most kids love Halloween.

Most kids also love video games.

Put the two together, and you’re going to be the king of your neighborhood (if only for a night).

That’s exactly what Rich Fiore did, turning the side of his house into an interactive, Haunted House-themed shooter.

The video is a bit short, but you’ll get the gist:

So how’s he doing it? Witchcraft, of course. Witchcraft and projectors, a camera for mapping and aligning the visuals, and a modified Wii-remote paired with IR emitters for placing the crosshairs.

My favorite part: if you miss a ghost and instead “shoot” the wall of his house, it breaks away to reveal the Tyvek construction sheets underneath. Shoot at the windows, and they virtually shatter away. Helluva touch.