The Joy Of Watching Paint Dry On Twitch

Bob Ross is taking over Twitch. There are currently more people watching Bob Ross paint a covered bridge than there are viewers of Dota 2 or Hearthstone. Twitch’s Creative channel has about 45,000 viewers, with the vast majority enjoying the calming brush strokes of Bob Ross.

Twitch launched its new Creative channel two days back. As it notes in a blog post, creatives have used Twitch since the beginning of the service and generally share a lot of the same characteristics as Twitch’s gaming broadcasters in that they’re passionate and seek a community.

In celebration of the creative community, Twitch enlisted the help of Bob Ross through Janson Media and BobRoss Inc. The service is live streaming every Bob Ross episode, back to back, for 8.5 days. That’s 403 episodes shared be tens of thousands of people. And people love it. I’m sure Bob would have loved it too. Everyone needs a friend.

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