Google And ASUS Team Up On A Router With A Nifty Twist

Google wants you to be able to consume more, and faster, which is why they built the OnHub router that they announced in August.

We were a bit surprised by the move, but not shocked, with Google saying it wanted to “give you Wi-Fi that’s fast, secure, and easy to use.”

Today, Google and ASUS announced that they’re working together on a version of OnHub which will run you $219.99, $20 more than Google’s original OnHub (TP-LINK).

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.05.38 PM

Why the extra bucks for the ASUS build? Well, it does have a nifty new feature called “Wave Control,” which lets you speed up your Wi-Fi for a specific device by waving your hand over the top of it. Sounds like voodoo magic to me, but Google seems to think it works, so we’ll go with that.

13 - Wave Control with phone beside-1

In addition to the new OnHub device, the company announced that it’ll be shipping the first software update for the devices which will help it intelligently decide which antennas to use to beam Internet your way…based on how you’re holding them, which room they’re in, etc. Schmart.

Both devices are available on Google Play, but the ASUS is only up for pre-order at the moment with a promised release date of early November. They both look like trashcans to me and I’ve yet to play with one. We’ll let you know when we do, though.