Sereneti Kitchen Robot Cooks So You Don’t Have To

Last week at Disrupt SF 2015, I ran into the folks behind Sereneti Kitchen, a company that I’ve known since it launched at our Hardware Battlefield in Vegas earlier this year. Then, its technology had promise, but less polish. In the interim, the firm went through the Highway1 accelerator and wanted to show off what it has been up to.

Sereneti Kitchen’s technology is simple to understand: You insert ingredients and the countertop device turns them into food. Home-cooked food, quickly and with roughly less work.

Given that I once nearly burned down an apartment because I forgot that I had a pot on the stove that was boiling, I’ve been intrigued by the startup for some time. It was interesting to see how the hardware component of the technology has improved since I first saw it. It’s now a slick-looking device with a robotic arm that moves food around a pot with alacrity.

Just for fun, here’s our original clip of the team in action when they competed in our Hardware Battlefield startup competition at CES 2015:


Comparing the two, you can see the difference.

Cooking can be an art, a hobby, and a profession. But for many, sometimes you want something healthy — quickly and cheaply. Not every day is date night. If Sereneti Kitchen can get its robot technology into your home or office, it could be a damn useful device.

Cost to purchase, cost to use, and cost to maintain are all fair questions. But as I learned in the first video clip, the company’s go-to market strategy has shifted mildly. Have a peek.