Postmates Unveils Revamped Platform, Announces 4 Million Deliveries

Postmates recently unveiled a revamped version of its app, dubbed Postmates 3.0, which features category discovery, delivery tracking, gifting and estimated delivery times.

In addition to providing customers with timely information, one of the reasons why Postmates added estimated delivery times is to adjust customers’ expectations.

“Most of our deliveries are not just under an hour. They’re significantly under an hour,” Postmates Director of Product Sara Mauskopf told me. “For whatever reason, the branding with Postmates has always been under an hour, which is kind of selling ourselves short because if you want something in 35 minutes, you can actually get that from the Grilled Cheese Kitchen.”

But, perhaps more importantly, it’s now possible to search and browse Postmates merchants by category. I have a number of friends who didn’t know Postmates is capable of delivering more than just food. Postmates couriers also pick up and deliver anything from computer chargers to prescriptions.

So, unsurprisingly, food is the most popular delivery category on Postmates. But now that categories are in place, that could change. There’s also now a special section to view all the merchants that offer delivery for just $4.99. Postmates doesn’t have flat delivery fees, but instead charges based on demand and the distance between the pick-up and drop-off location.

Postmates recently completed 4 million deliveries and launched in 10 additional cities last week, bringing the total number of major cities it operates in up to 40. Postmates also recently announced a partnership with Walgreens to offer on-demand delivery of its full catalog of items. To date, Postmates has raised $138 million from investors like Tiger Global, Spark Capital, Harmony Partners, Founders Fund and Crosslink Capital.

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