Apple Announces 50% iOS 9 Adoption And iPhone 6s Launch Day Specifics

Less than a week after Apple released iOS 9, the company announced the software has hit 50 percent adoption, meaning more than half of existing iOS devices have installed iOS 9.

This comes after an estimated 12 percent adoption rate in the first 24 hours after the software was launched, and means that iOS 9 now has the fastest adoption rate in Apple history.

Comparatively, it took Lollipop, Android’s latest operating system, five months to achieve just 12 percent adoption.

The company also announced details about the upcoming iPhone 6s launch this Friday. The device will be going on sale in the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and the U.K.

Retail stores will open at 8am local time, and will have the new iPhone available for walk-in customers “who are encouraged to arrive early”.

Notably, Apple won’t offer in-store pickup options until after launch day, when it opens up online reservations next Saturday the 26th.

While Apple hasn’t announced any preorder statistics yet, the company told CNBC last week that they “are on pace to beat last year’s 10 million unit first-weekend record when the new iPhones go on sale Sept. 25.”