James Currier And Stan Chudnovsky Take The Wraps Off Their New Incubator, NFX Guild

A new Bay Area accelerator, NFX Guild, has emerged on the scene with plans to run a three-month-long program twice a year for between 10 and 15 companies. It has a novel approach, too.

For one thing, there is no publicly available application process. Startups will be referred to NFX by “scouts,” after which a select number will receive invitations into the program. The scouts are mostly VCs, including from CRV, Shasta Ventures, and Greylock Partners, three firms that have helped fund NFX, which is managing $10 million and will invest $120,000 in each startup. Some of the venture firms will have already financed the startups and be using NFX to help whip their portfolio companies into shape. In other cases, NFX will work with startups that the firms haven’t yet been funded but whose progress they want to track.

NFX will also have a very narrow focus on building and growing network effects businesses, providing 30 hours of unique curriculum toward that end. (In this regard, it’s not unlike the “blitzscaling” class that LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is teaching at Stanford this fall.)

We’d guess that the startups – 16 of which just quietly graduated from its debut batch — will be getting some very strong counsel in exchange. NFX was founded by longtime business partners James Currier, Stan Chudnovsky and their Israel-based friend Gigi Levy Weiss, alongside whom they invested in a number of companies, including the live-streaming service Meerkat.

As many readers will know, Currier and Chudnovsky cofounded a popular purveyor of matchmaking and personality quizzes called Tickle back in 1999 and sold it to the jobs giant Monster for roughly $100 million in 2004.

Using their “winnings,” as Currier puts it, they later co-founded the incubator and investment firm OogaLabs, an outfit that both funded a number of networks and marketplace businesses, as well as itself produced some pretty successful companies, including Wonderhill, a casual gaming company that was acquired by Kabam; IronPearl, an analytics software company that was acquired by PayPal; and Jiff, a company that’s still privately held and just raised $23 million in Series C funding in May.

Chudnovsky headed to PayPal after the acquisition of IronPearl, staying on as its VP of global strategy and special ops before jumping to Facebook last December to work on its Messenger product as its VP of Growth. In the meantime, Currier, who’d taken a year off for a family adventure in Switzerland, began dreaming of NFX.

Why not just continue forward with OogaLabs? The big reason, says Currier, is he couldn’t extricate himself from the companies they were forming, despite their original plans to hand the startups off to outside CEOs. “What we learned,” he says, “is that when you come up with an idea and it starts to work, it’s basically a merger of your brain and the world, and if you take someone else’s brain and try sticking it in there, it ends up breaking and not working.”

Thus the new approach at NFX, which the three are leading despite Chudnovsky’s continuing role at Facebook. (Says Currier, “We’ve been business partners for 16 years, so if Stan spends a few years at Facebook, that’s basically a blip in the road.”)

150917_NFX_8374So far, apparently, so good. Just yesterday, the team held an invite-only demo day for around 150 investors who were able to casually meet with NFX’s first batch of companies, one-third of which had previously raised Series A funding, and one-third of which came from Israel.

Currier says 25 scouts sent NFX 100 companies altogether. You can read about the 16 they chose to work with below.

Starting today, NFX will start anew the process of looking for future startups it might help. Its scouts have until October 10 to submit their picks.


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