Chat.Center Reports Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking Growth

Chat.Center, a project by friend of TechCrunch Keith Teare, has successfully navigated the shoals of freemium and is now steaming steadily through solid growth.

Teare announced numbers at DEMO Traction in Boston.

Chat.Center is a one-stop-shop for chatting. By giving you a single handle – I’m johnbiggs, for example – that works on mobile, desktop, and anywhere else you can get a web connection, you can simply pass out your name as a central spot for chatting. The company is still young so good names are available and, in my experience, it’s worked well as an alternative form of contact.

Current monthly actives are at 16,878 vs 643 in January while sessions grew from 41,744 vs 856 in January. Further, the company is moving into the B2C world with paying customers who are using the platform as an always-on chat solution like PureChat and OLark.

“We achieved product-market find in April and growth since then has been quite special,” said Teare. “That has been our goal. Domain name owners in particular have embraced the product as it extend the domain name to be useful for a mobile chat ID.”

The company went freemium last year and it seems that tactic is now paying off.