Boz Led Facebook To Conquer Mobile Ads. He’ll Tell Disrupt SF How To Adapt

Facebook has become the supermassive black hole of mobile. It’s sucking every other business towards it, from publishers to small businesses to app developers. At this point, you ever figure out how to play nice with Facebook, or fade into the void. That’s why TechCrunch is bringing Facebook’s ad czar Andrew “Boz” Bosworth to Disrupt SF. He’s going to break down Facebook’s plans and how they’ll impact everyone else.

At the top of my list of questions for Boz is how Facebook is handling the decrease in reach of the News Feed, and what that means for businesses who buy ads, and those who don’t.

Years ago, Facebook told businesses to buy ads encouraging people to Like their Pages in order to talk to them via News Feed. But that investment has been devalued as competition decreases organic feed reach. Now Pages are being hit up for money again just to communicate with fans they already paid for. I want to know if Boz and Facebook think that’s fair.

We’ll also debate:

Freebooting – How will Facebook deal with Pages scrape other people’s videos and publish them as their own?

Compensating Creators – Will Facebook pay top artistic talent to share on its network?

News Publishers – Should news outlets give up their relationship with fans to load faster in Facebook’s Instant Articles?

Virtual Reality – Do ads belong in VR?

And a whole lot more. One great thing about Boz is that he’s brave enough, and has been at Facebook long enough (9 years) to actually speak his mind. Get ready for a…spirited conversation on stage at Disrupt SF.