BTCChina Rebrands To BTCC

BTCChina, China’s original bitcoin exchange run by Bobby Lee, has rebranded to BTCC.

“We’re excited to introduce a new logo and identity that modernizes and reinvigorates the BTCC experience,” said Samson Mow, BTCC’s Chief Operating Officer in a release. “The new BTCC logo retains some original elements as a nod to our heritage, but also conveys a bold simplicity that translates well across any screen size. We now have a unified design language that we will be rolling out across all of our web products, as well as our our forthcoming refreshed mobile products, which are being redesigned and developed from the ground up.”

The most interesting change, however, is that the new site hides the China connection entirely. There is no mention of the old name on the front page and no mention of China at all, at least on the .com version of the site. is owned by Baoding Tada Cooling Equipment Company.

We’ll be speaking with Lee at Disrupt next week during our rollicking Bitcoin panel.