Apple TV App Store Launch Partners Include Airbnb, Guitar Hero, Gilt

Apple just announced an App Store for its new Apple TV 4, and launch partners include tons of games, plus shopping apps, fitness apps, content readers, and video viewers. Apple Music will also be available through Apple TV, along with movies and TV shows like you’d expect. Here’s a list of some of the apps mentioned on stage:

  • Galaxy On Fire – 3D space combat
  • Rayman Adventures – Platformer game
    Apple TV App Store
  • Disney Infinity (Star Wars) – Starfighter game
  • Guitar Hero – Music game
  • Beat Sports – Musical Wii Sports-like motion games
  • Shadowmatic – Puzzle game
  • Play Kids – Children’s games
  • Zova – Fitness app that connects to Apple Watch
  • Madefire – Comic book reader
  • Airbnb – Vacation booking app
  • Gilt – Luxury shopping app
  • Zillow – Home buying app
  • Hipster Whale’s Crossy Bird – Old-school Frogger-style game
  • Major League Baseball At Bat – Sports viewer

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The Apple TV App Store will let users download experiences like games and video content apps to the set-top box and play them on their television. There will be developer tools available to help app makers build these experiences. Developers will be able to release Universal Apps that run on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. And If users are playing a game on their iPad, they can switch it up onto their Apple TV when they get home.

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This is just the first wave of the new Apple TV. As the developer tools propagate, we’ll surely see more innovative uses of the big screen.