Reserved Tesla’s Top-Line Model X SUV? You Can Start Customizing It Now

If you reserved a “Signature Series” Model X,  the $132,000 version of Tesla’s new crossover SUV, you can start modifying it to your heart’s delight.

Earlier today, the company began opening up the ordering process, enabling early adopters to pick out their interior and exterior colors, and to throw all kinds of add-ons into their respective shopping carts, including a $1,000 subzero weather package that includes washer nozzle heaters and a $750 towing package.

All versions come with those amazing falcon rear doors, seating for seven, and proximity sensors that prevent the vehicles from coming into contact with other cars (not to mention ceilings).

Thanks to a 90kWh battery pack, all are expected to rocket from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds, too, though you can pay $10,000 more for a “Ludicrous Speed” package that shaves off another .6 seconds.

That’s faster than a stock Porsche 911, the company would like you to know.

Less expensive models are expected to start at around $75,000, the same base price as the company’s Model S — though as any Model S owner will tell you, you sort of have to run up your bill with add-ons if you want to enjoy any real degree of comfort.

Tesla first announced the Model X back more than three years ago, and it began taking reservations for the car immediately. In fact, bulk production was expected to start last year, but we forgive you, Elon Musk, for flubbing that projection. (If you’re curious, you can check out video from the February 2012 event where it was first unveiled. The Model X is driven onstage at around the 14:10 mark.)

After launching the car — the company has said that deliveries will start this month — Tesla plans to turn its attention to a more affordable line of cars called the Model 3, due out in 2017.