Eatsa, A Futuristic Restaurant Where Robot Cubbies Serve Quinoa

Eatsa has no lines because it has no cashiers. You order on an iPad, your name comes up on a transparent LCD screen box, and you pull out a bowl of quinoa. Opening today in San Francisco at 121 Spear St, Eatsa is a new restaurant designed around technology.

Eatsa only serves quinoa, a couscous-like grain that’s high in protein and absorbs flavor well, but is cheaper and more environmentally sustainable than meat. Eatsa was funded by David Friedberg, who sold his farming insurance startup The Climate Corporation for around $1 billion.

Eventually, Eatsa hopes its combination of tech and quinoa can change the way we eat.

Friedberg told me he imagines Eatsa restaurants built into shipping containers and dropped into neighborhoods with no sources of healthy foods. Since you always pay by credit card or mobile, he hopes to create discounts for regulars that increase every time you dine at Eatsa. And by experimenting with flavor on the molecular level, Eatsa wants to make meals that taste delicious and indulgent yet are healthy for you.

Come grab a meal alongside TechCrunch in our demo video (above) of the Eatsa experience.