The Tactico Geomaster Is A Crowdfunded Watch I Could Get Behind

There are more Kickstarter watches out there these days than grains of sand on the beach. Everyone with a quartz movement and a NATO strap figures they can make and sell some kind of fashion watch to the masses, a concept that is as silly as it is flawed. That’s why the Tactico Geomaster GMT is actually interesting. First, it uses a mechanical ETA movement – an rare movement these days given their scarcity – and the design is at once familiar and unique. In short, it’s what I wish more watchmakers were doing in crowdfunding circles.

The Geomaster is a GMT watch. This means it can display the time in multiple time zones – depending on how to read the bezel. It’s great for travelers and pilots. It also features Superluminova hands, coat steel case, and a custom date dial. In short, it’s very unique and very clever. It was created by Compañía Relojera Especializada para Actividades Subacuáticas aka CREPAS, a custom diver manufacturer in Zaragoza, Spain.

At about $900 you’re paying an awful lot for a GMT watch but based on the quality and design as well as the movement, it’s not that much. The GMT hand is actually a dial under the face, which is far more interesting than I originally imagined.

That said if you’re into mechanicals and want something that decidedly can’t send winking smiley face emojis to your friends, this might be a nice starter watch.