The Jot 8.5 Is A Better And Brighter Boogie Board

Boogie Boards are a lot of fun and the company just released a new model. Called the Jot 8.5, the slate combines the fun of a white board with the convenience of an electronic writing screen. But then again all Boogie Boards do that.

The Jot 8.5 is the brightest Boogie Board yet. The company says the screen is 50% brighter than previous models. That’s important. The Jot 8.5 is the first Boogie Board I’ve enjoyed using because the screen is finally bright enough.

This model also features an iOS companion app that lets users snap photos of the board to save their notes and doodles on their phone. Once on the phone, the captured screen can be edited and shared.

I found this feature kind of works. The Jot 8.5 has to be placed on a color-contrasting background like a white refrigerator and the image capture is only sub-par. Words are captured fine, but it doesn’t work very well with doodles.

The Jot 8.5 will be $25 when it hits retailers and will be available in blue, pink and gray.