Adobe Is The Latest Tech Company To Increase Parental Leave

Software company Adobe will be expanding its maternity and paternity leave programs for employees. Starting November 1, birth mothers will be able to take up to six months of paid leave. Primary caregivers, who include new parents through birth, surrogacy, adoption and foster care, will get up to 16 weeks of paid leave.

In addition to parental and maternity leave, Adobe has also announced employee leave programs for medical and family reasons. Employees will be given up to 10 weeks of paid time off for surgery, a medical emergency or other illness. Adobe will also give employees up to four weeks of paid time off to take care of a sick family member.

This comes less than a week after Netflix announced it would offer employees unlimited paid leave during a newborn’s first year, and Microsoft announced its enhanced parental leave practices that offers birth mothers up to 20 weeks of paid leave.

“At Adobe, we often say that our most important assets leave the building at the end of the day,” Adobe SVP of people & places wrote on the company blog today. “Our employees are our intellectual property and our future. Now we will better support all of them, across a spectrum of age, gender and experience, with a diverse mix of family needs and situations. The investment is unquestionably worth it.”