Yahoo To Get Its Iconic San Francisco Billboard Back

Happy 20th Birthday, Yahoo!

What did you get, what did you get? I bet there’ll be parties galore. Gifts, prizes. Presents!


A Billboard?

THE Billboard.

If you’ve lived in, or have ever been to, the Bay Area, you’ve probably seen the Yahoo Billboard (it’s on Interstate 80). It was a pretty sad day for a lot of Yahoos when it was taken down in 2011, and Mayer is all about keeping the legacy of the purple company intact.

Fun fact: that billboard survived four different CEOs. Now it gets its fifth. It went up in 1999 under Tim Koogle.
BONUS fun fact: the billboard was featured in the 1999 film Inspector Gadget

It’ll have a new look, of course, and also be a place where the company can pimp its products, new and old.

Here’s a look at the current construction:

The company is injecting its new brand into all parts of the Bay Area, including Levi Stadium. Every. Single. Time. The 49ers score, the “Yahoo Yodel” is played. It’s realllllly annoying.

Welcome back, billboard. Wasn’t the same without you. You’re wayyyyy better than this one:


(DISCLOSURE: I worked at Yahoo for a hot minute.)