This Week On Bullish: The Politics Of PR

Welcome back to Bullish, where we try to explore that fine line between what is bullish, and what is bullshit.

This time around we have Amy Widdowson Mains in the studio to dig into public relations (PR), and the politics of the matter. Happily, Mains works in policy PR that is technology facing, making her the perfect person to chat to about the larger issues at hand.

Simply put, I want to know how PR professionals — and there are quite a lot of them — manage to represent and promote their clients, even when they might not particularly like a company’s product, or, perhaps, agree with its politics. (I feel obliged here to point out that I have no beef with any of Main’s clients.)

Bullish airs every Wednesday at 7 am Pacific, and 10 am Eastern. Let’s go.