Here’s The Latest Batch Of 500 Startups Companies

500 Startups has unveiled its 14th batch of companies going through its accelerator.

While Y Combinator is starting to roll out its own class in an upcoming Demo Day, a new one from 500 Startups is emerging — and increasingly, so is the race to be the earliest to invest in companies. Of course, that means that accelerators like 500 Startups — which has a portfolio of more than 1,000 companies — have to keep taking chances.

Dave McClure said that this year the incubator was getting more applications “about the future” — like drones and virtual reality — that represent more nascent fields that haven’t been totally proven out yet, though there are several large companies and acquisitions in each space.

(Of course, he said that they were still getting “the unsexy stuff that just makes money.”)

With that, here’s a list of companies in the latest batch:

  • 43Layers — A marketplace to design and make custom event decorations and gifts.
  • Aircall — A startup that helps companies spin up phone support quickly.
  • Apptuto — A socially connected educational service that helps in studying for standardized tests.
  • AutoLotto — A way to play the lottery from a smartphone. (Surely, this will go well.)
  • Baker — A frequent flyer program for cannabis dispensaries.
  • BetterView — A service that uses a network of operators throughout the United States to inspect properties for potential problems with drones and other UAVs.
  • — A concert discovery service with online previews.
  • Datasembly — A service for turning unstructured web content into structured data.
  • Decisive Health — Basically ZocDoc, but for referrals for specific procedures.
  • Encore Alert — A service that notifies marketers of mentions and trends on social media.
  • Eyes On Freight — A service that matches people and companies to logistics and supply chain providers.
  • — A service that assists developers in text and social network analysis, fraud detection and pricing decisions.
  • GiftStarter — A service that divides gifts into “tiles,” which can be purchased in increments. (This is sort of like Zola, which is geared toward weddings.)
  • Havenly — A service that charges $185 to match people with interior designers .
  • Junior Explorers — A subscription education service that sends elementary school children “games” centered around ecosystems like the Arctic.
  • Kudobuzz — A service that assists businesses in generating “authentic” reviews and showing them on the site or promoting them on the Web.
  • Lab Sensor Solutions — A sensor that monitors the temperature and other medical materials to ensure that those materials aren’t compromised.
  • MonkeyLearn — A machine learning service that gathers data, like sentiment, from text.
  • Pacifica Labs — A personal wellness app that centers around holistic treatments and mood improvement.
  • Pipefy — A tool for managing workflow and tracking task completion.
  • Remitbee — A cross-currency money transfer service. There are a bunch of these, to be sure.
  • Saint Harridan — A clothing line specialized around masculine clothing and lifestyle products for women.
  • Sajilni — A tool for managing events for venue owners and promoters.
  • StackShare — A tool for tracking which online services developers and engineers are using the most.
  • Stamplay — A developer tool for stitching together APIs.
  • StreetHawk — A service for tracking viral engagement of applications and identifying ways to improve that growth.
  • SweepSouth — Handy cleaning or Homejoy for developing markets, basically.
  • Concepts — A startup centered around building creative tools for mobile devices.
  • TruckTrack — A service that manages the daily operations for trucking companies.
  • Urjakart — A home improvement store in India.
  • Village Defense — A sort of neighborhood watch service, providing a way for neighbors to share real-time information on events like burglaries.
  • Growbot — A professional feedback tool.
  • YOU-App — An app centered around wellbeing that focuses on healthy actions, such as taking photos of certain kinds of healthy food. Some of the actions are curated and come from the community.
  • Zendy Health — A marketplace that connects individuals with local dental providers based on what they are willing to pay.
  • MapJam — A publishing platform for creating personalized maps.