Mixpanel Announces Codeless Mobile Analytics

Mixpanel recently unveiled a new feature that should make it easier for mobile businesses to customize the company’s analytics tools without writing any additional code.

A number of optimization and testing teams talk about being used by marketers and other team members without having to ask for help from their developers, but co-founder and CEO Suhail Doshi told me that it’s particularly challenging for Mixpanel.

That’s because it’s not just tracking pageviews, but a number of different user actions. So you needed some technical know-how in order to tell Mixpanel which events you wanted to track.

Now, however, with the company’s Codeless Mobile Analytics, customers can use a point-and-click interface to identify the interactions that they want to track in their Android or iOS app. And after the Mixpanel SDK has been installed, any additional changes will go live without an App Store update or approval.

You can read more in this Mixpanel blog post.