Smart Bed Startup Luna Joins Y Combinator, Has Raised $1.3M In Private Funding

Luna had a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, raising more than $1 million for a mattress cover that adjusts temperature, tracks your sleep and connects to other devices.

Now the company is sharing more news. It’s part of the current class of startups at incubator Y Combinator, and it has also raised $1.3 million in funding from private investors — roughly the same amount as its revenue from pre-orders and crowdfunding.

Co-founder Matteo Franceschetti said Luna actually raised this funding before the Indiegogo campaign. So why bother with crowdfunding at all?  The campaign, he said, was more about connecting with early users and getting their feedback. For example, it was through the campaign that Franceschetti realized the importance of Bluetooth connectivity and of security, so Luna is incorporating more features in that vein.

Luna isn’t disclosing its investors, aside from YC. I guess the other question is why it needs to join an incubator, since it already has funding and seems to resonate with consumers. Franceschetti said he can still benefit from the firm’s mentorship: “They’re really helpful at cleaning up your mind when you have doubts.”

You can see a Luna prototype in action in the video below, which we filmed in January before the crowdfunding campaign. Franceschetti said the ability to vary temperature across the mattress (so couples can sleep at different temperatures) is “definitely the number one reason” given for pre-orders, but the video also shows Luna’s sensors can be connected to other smart devices for a custom sleep experience.