Tron-Club Sends Circuits To Your Home In Jolly Packages


While Tron-Club sounds more like a weekly meeting of Tron enthusiasts who enjoy dressing up in unitards and making whooshing sounds as they pretend to ride invisible Lightcycles, it’s actually a service that sends circuits to your home. Why? Because you should learn electronics, that’s why.

As hardware becomes easier to build and understand, programmers are finding themselves at a loss. While we can all write a little Python in a pinch, putting together a circuit is another matter altogether. Using the Tron-Club packages you can learn how to build stuff like a pulsed Piezo buzzer, the utility of which is limited but still interesting and could be usable in other projects down the line.

I am not bullish on educational circuit toys for kids. I think these things, which are essentially updated versions of the classic electronics kits aren’t interesting enough to hold attention. However, I think kids and adults can both learn from Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits while adults especially are helped by handling kits like Tron-Club’s.

The service costs €14 a month or €150 (plus shipping.) You can cancel at any time.

In the end electronics is all about making loud noises and magical smoke so it’s great to see Tron-Club provide us little fun while they learn electronics. Just don’t zap your eye out.