3D Systems Releases New Filament That Dissolves In Water


Moisture, as they say, is the essence of wetness. It’s now also a great way to remove support material from 3D-printed objects.

Printing complex objects requires rafts and supports. These hold the pieces in place and, in theory, are supposed be easily removable with a little tugging. In reality, however, support material can make a mess of your project. With this filament, however, you simply print part of the object in ABS or PLA – two plastics – and the supports in the so-called Infinity filament. Then you dip the entire thing in water.

The filament costs $49 and works with 3D Systems Cube and CubePro printers. It is even safe to pour the dissolved material down the drain.

Other filaments are dissolvable in Limonene or similar solvents. The filament is available today.