Solocam Is A Selfie Stick That Isn’t Completely Insufferable

Most of us at TechCrunch don’t get out much, instead choosing to blog from the comfort of our own home or office. However, some more adventurous reporters still crave the thrill of reporting live on scene.

Solocam is a selfie stick that may actually provide value (bear with me here) by letting journalists shoot video from the field without lugging around an entire camera crew. The device is a selfie stick attached to a high-definition bluetooth microphone, just like the pros use.

While the entire setup looks ridiculous, the video it helps create looks surprisingly professional. The device also comes with an app for your mobile device which lets you record while using features like a teleprompter or special effects. The camera is set at an angle to avoid the dreaded flesh beard under all of our chins.

The most basic version will set you back $50, while the pro is selling for $149. The more expensive versions come with upgrade microphones and attachments to mount other cameras besides your cell phone.

Before purchasing, it’s important to note that you will look just as weird pulling out the Solocam in public as if you were using a boring old selfie stick. However, this device may actually provide some real value, which could be worth it if you can stomach the embarrassment.

Solocam is available for pre-order now via an Indiegogo campaign.