NYSE Trading Halted Due To Technical Issues

NYSE trading was halted about 30 minutes ago due to a technical issue. TechCrunch has reached out to the exchange and received the following comment:

“We’re currently experiencing a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible. We will be providing further updates as soon as we can, and are doing our utmost to produce a swift resolution, communicate thoroughly and transparently, and ensure a timely and orderly market re-open.” – NYSE Spokesperson

The NYSE sent out a message this morning about a “reported issue with a gateway connection” affecting some stocks, which was resolved around 10:45AM EDT. It isn’t clear if this issue is connected to the current outage.

While likely unrelated, this technical glitch follows a major computer issue at United Airlines this morning where all flights were grounded for about an hour due to a “network connectivity issue”.

The Department of Homeland Security told CNN that there is “no sign of malicious activity” at the NYSE or with the earlier United outage. The NYSE has now also confirmed in a Tweet that the issue is “not a result of a cyber breach”.

UPDATE: The exchange has reopened as of 3:10 PM EDT, about 50 minutes before the market will close for the day. The NYSE has not yet released any further information on what caused the technical glitch.