Minute Is a Video Watching App For The ADD Generation

Viral video has become a big business. Companies like Vodio and 5by have come in to serve this space, ‘viralising’ short form video, especially for mobile. Now Minute, a new startup, has developed a new Android and web application that draws on big data and crowd data to determine the most viral part of an online video. It then turns these moments into short Vine-like clips. The company today announces that its raised a cumulative $4M in funding to develop its video technology products from unnamed investors.

On the platform users can watch engaging highlights and discover more videos. Through the mobile app, users choose video packages based on interest, and swipe through a deck of video cards to explore selected content. Like Tinder, they swipe right for videos they like and left for content they would like to skip. Highlights can be paused, repeated and shared with friends. Instead of watching a single 5-minute video, the app allows users to swipe through an entire reel of short clips in the same amount of time and return to watch a video that caught their attention.