Google Is Looking For Testers For Its Jump VR Video Cameras

Google wants YOU to test their Jump virtual reality video capture platform. Or, well, some of you. Maybe like two, given how I imagine the percentages will work on this. The company is opening up invitations to anyone interested in trying it out, with a form where you can specify what you’d like to do with it, and provide a little bit about your background.

Google says it will be providing “select creators” a chance to use the Jump rig (a multi-camera array developed in conjunction with GoPro) beginning this summer. The two-page form simply asks for some basic biographical information, as well as an explanation of what it is exactly you’d like to do with your Jump rig. Let’s call that the essay portion of the quiz.

In order to actually get hardware, the key here is probably the essay portion. Google even says that “awesome” answers will be ranked higher, so getting into detail about your planned project probably helps. Think of it like an arts grant, if you’ve ever gone through that process, but probably more competitive given how many YouTubers are likely eager to be a pioneer in the VR video space.

Here’s the Jump array that Google showed off at I/O earlier this year, just in case you weren’t already salivating enough.