Bartesian Is A Robotic Bartender That Can Make Cocktails From Capsules

Another day, another robotic bartender that can make your favorite drinks using a pod-based system of flavors and booze. This time the robot is called Bartesian and it uses little K-Cup-like pods to squirt out Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and Uptown Rocks.

What of the booze, you ask? The Bartesian uses little glass bottles full of various liquors to add a little kick to your drink. You can fill them with vodka, gin, tequila, and whiskey and then create drinks based on the recipes associated with the pods.

The cocktail recipes are limited at launch and will require capsules. The team is working on more drinks.


Early bird units cost $249 with 12 pods. You can buy extra pods for $20 for a dozen. What’s inside the pods? The team is using premium juices and mixes so you’ll want to plug them into your cocktails. They also brought a mixologist, Dee Brun, on board to build the boozing.

While it will be a hard sell to convince the world they need another pod system, I think it will be well worth it if your Margarita tastes better than homemade. Just don’t run out of pods.