Legoizer Turns Any Image Into A Lego Kit

In the future, everything will be made of Lego if the Legoizer has anything to say about it. This system, really a piece of pixelation software, turns images into Lego creations by breaking them into block-sized chunks and supplying a shopping list and list of instructions.

For example, the image above takes 34 rows of Lego to build and requires a few hundred pieces of various colors, including lots of white pieces. While the utility of such a system can be doubted, it could be a fun way to surprise a Lego-loving friend or nice system for creating cheap street signs for deeply indebted toy towns.

There’s not much information about the site online – not even a contact page – so we can only assume this site was built by a charming benefactor who wants us all to enjoy carefully-built Lego landscapes of our own. I suspect the actual creator is SailorHG AKA Sailor Mercury, a programmer based in San Francisco.

via Giz