Watch The Trailer For ‘Henry,’ The Second VR Movie From Oculus Story Studio

Oculus made waves earlier this year when it announced it would be developing its own original film content for consumption on its VR devices – now there’s a second movie coming out of the Oculus Story Studio, directed by Ramiro Lopez Dau, who had a hand in both Brave and Monsters University from Pixar.

Henry follows the tale of a hedgehog, starting out with an interior view of his house that you’re obviously immersed within. It’s Henry’s birthday, but he’s lonely, so he wishes for friends, which kicks off the plot of the picture.

The thinking behind the short feature was to create essentially VR’s first truly hug-worthy character, according to the creators, and to build an experience that differentiates itself from epic sci-fi and more core gamer themes. Oculus is clearly looking to advertise some of its more mainstream appeal ahead of its consumer device launch next year.

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