Microsoft Purchase Of Wunderlist Confirmed

Microsoft has indeed added Wunderlist to its growing collection of fabulous productivity apps, the companies confirmed today. After the Wall Street Journal reported the deal as done yesterday, Wunderlist itself admitted it will be joining the Redmond tech giant in a blog post.

The post is penned by Christian Reber, CEO and founder of 6wunderkinder, the German company that created Wunderlist. Reber details some of the company’s past successes in the post, including its user population of more than 13 million, and app activity by way of 1 billion to-dos created. He also says that for now, nothing will change regarding the app’s operation and product development, with the Wunderlist team remaining in Berlin and continuing development of its various offerings across all platforms.

Reber does note that new features and partner integrations will come onboard as Wunderlist gets deeper into the Microsoft fold. That could mean additional tie-ins with other recent Microsoft acquisitions like Sunrise, in addition to those announced just last month.

One thing’s certain: Microsoft clearly has an acquisitive interest in apps that have made a name for themselves in the productivity category, particularly on mobile and particularly as alternatives or supplements to its own existing offerings. It seems like a good strategy for a company that has money to spend and reputation to build on mobile devices.