Levi’s Is The First Official Partner For Google ATAP’s Jacquard Connected Fabric

Google was showing off its Project Jacquard at I/O 2015, a connected fabric tech that lets you build connected surfaces right into your clothes, in a way that makes it easy to connect to devices and power, while letting clothes makers make stuff that actually looks good. It seems promising, especially because they’ve already signed on Levi’s as a first partner.

Levi’s, the SF-based maker of jeans and various other clothing, came on stage at the I/O ATAP special presentation today, and discussed why it decided to jump into this new tech. Basically, they were looking to make it easier to integrate our device use into our daily lives, making it easier to access and less generally obtrusive.

The company is looking to build its own apps, but is also seeking contributions from the developer community, which it called “fashion designers” now with the advent of this new tech.

Right now the partnership seems to be in very early stages, with no product announcements just yet. But the team-up means this isn’t just something confined to Google’s own labs; working with a real, widely recognized and worn fashion brand is certainly a good sign we’ll see something applicable to everyday life come out of Jacquard.