Future Android Phones Could Recharge Another Devices

Google just announced new features for the next version of Android and the most interesting one has little to do with the user interface: Properly equipped devices will be able to recharge other USB devices.

This is thanks to the new version of USB called USB Type-C. This next generation of USB is already found on several devices like the new Apple MacBook and the latest Google Pixel Chromebox. A USB-C cable end is slightly smaller than a microUSB cable, and in one variation, has this smaller port on both ends. The smaller, reversible cable can handle more power and greater data throughput.

Google is tapping USB Type-C’s bi-directional power ability to recharge other devices. A user will simply need to select the appropriate USB mode to switch between charging, recharging, or data transfer.

Android M rolls out in the Fall, but a timetable for USB Type-C enabled devices was not given although it seems very unlikely than any mainstream devices will hit before 2016.