Lenovo Releases A Media Stream Puck

This thing somehow sticks to an HDTV. Called the Lenovo Cast, it’s the firm’s first media streaming device and is designed to work with Android devices. Launching this August at $49 and lacking native apps, it’s a more expensive Chromecast, but don’t write off Lenovo’s product just yet.

Lenovo has a massive footprint in several key markets including its home of China. A device like this should sell well to its loyal buyers. Plus with dual frequency WiFi it could work better than the stark Chromecast.

The device either sits in a dock attached to the back of the HDTV or sits nearby. It connects to a TV via HDMI and yet still requires power from a microUSB port.

The Lenovo Cast works with DLNA and Miracast-enabled devices, which are most mainstream Android devices. Lenovo says it has a range of 20 feet and is capable of receiving video and picture content as well as mirroring a smartphone display.

Lenovo Cast_03