Chevrolet To Offer CarPlay And Android Auto In 14 Models Starting This Summer

It’s about time. Chevy is going to start offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across its vehicle line. The rollout will start in a few weeks and eventually hit 14 Chevy models.

Apple and Google announced these systems in early 2014 and have since signed on most automakers. Chevy joins just Hyundai in providing a launch timetable, though. Owners of 2016 Hyundai Sonata can visit dealers now to get the software installed.

Starting first with the 2016 Chevy Cruze on June 24, buyers will be able to opt for the MyLink infotainment system with a seven-inch LCD screen. Later in the year, Chevy will release a MyLink system with 8-inch screen that initially will only offer Apple CarPlay. The seven-inch option will be available for the Chevy Spark, Cruze, Malibu, Camaro, Camaro Convertible, Silverado and Silverado HD. The 8-inch adds to the mix the Corvette, Corvette Convertible, Volt, Colorado, Tahoe and Suburban.

Chevrolet states these 14 models will account for 51 percent of the brand’s total global sales.

“I think we’ll have a promising add for the company and they’ll love it. It’s going to have to be coupled with the radio [choices],” said Barra, speaking at the Code conference today, but noted that customers wouldn’t necessarily need the highest option available. Barra also said that they would announce more models at Opal tomorrow.

Barra said that a Chevy car in the ‘teens’ price-wise would be available with the choice of CarPlay or Android Auto.

Barra says that we’ll see more change in the car industry in the next 5-10 years than we saw in the previous 50. “It’s on every facet,” Barra said.

“When you look at the integration of the vehicle in all aspects of driving…it’s hard to do that safely,” Barra said in a response to iterating quickly in an industry that has a longer development cycle. “But you have to be able to marry that with technology that’s being changed in months, not years.”

“For most of us, our smartphones are essential,” said Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors in a released statement. “Partnering with Apple and Google to offer CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility across the widest range of models in the industry is a great example of how Chevrolet continues to democratize technology that’s important to our customers.”

With Android Auto CarPlay, cars will get smarter and more personal. The systems sit on top of the auto maker’s own infotainment systems but serve up a completely different user interface when a compatible phone is connected — something a bit more familiar to Android and iPhone users. Both systems also provide a far more mature mapping solution and streaming media options than what are found in most cars. In the case of Android Auto, the system also serves as a sort of personalization system. Get into the car, sync a phone and in most vehicles the car will adjust to your settings. Everything from the mirror positions to radio presets to climate control will adjust properly.

This is just the start of the CarPlay and Android Auto roll-out. More automakers are expected to announce their launch plans shortly.